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Calling all store owner and fellow customers! We are currently in the middle of listing down as many comic bookstore, bookstore, convenient store or whatever store it is. Feel free to send us the details on our Facebook Pages or send us an email with the details of the shop (i.e. Shop Name, Address, Contact No. and Google Maps Location) to If you're an existing Comics Directory customer, do let us know as well and we will 500 Reward Points will be credited into your account upon approval. An additional points will be given for a good images of the shop from the front (500 points) and the inside of the store focusing on the comic or manga they're selling (500 points).

Comics Directory

Comics Directory is found by a group of die-hard comic fans. Like many of you, we enjoy reading comics. While most local comics or bookstore does not always carry a good number of selections; going online always result in hefty shipping fee or ridiculous long wait time. That is why we decided to create Comics Directory. We want fellow comics fans to have more option when shopping.

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