Delivery Information

As the products offered on Comics Directory are served by different suppliers, there will be different modes of delivery, different delivery charges and different delivery times. Orders are separated according to product categories for clarity and convenience. Comics Directory will strive to find the best combination of product categories to ensure your products are delivered in the quickest time and with the cost savings in shipping.

Shipping Charges
Peninsular Malaysia
2-3 business days (days may vary)
Sabah & Sarawak
5-7 business days (days may vary)
Singapore & Brunei
5-7 business days (days may vary)
5-14 business days (days may vary)
For pre-ordered books, the delivery process will start after the release date of the book.
Please refer to your local post office on the local delivery timing.
No delivery to PO Boxes, Military camps, construction sites and any other restricted areas. You can always contact us to arrange for a delivery at an alternative address.
Due to the high volumes of products running through our warehouse processing, we highly discourage any change of delivery address once your order is submitted. As such, we would like to encourage members to put a confirmed delivery address upon purchase.

Delivery Policy FAQ
Q. I have ordered 3 comics, do they ship together or separately?
A. In a bid to speed up our shipments, we now ship out partially. If 1 book has arrived first, we will ship out that book first without waiting for the other 2 to arrive.
Q. If I ordered 3 items, 1 of which goes out-of-stock after an order is made, does that mean that I must wait for the third book to be in the warehouse before shipment is dispatched?
A. In a bid to speed up our shipments, we now ship out partially. If 1 book has arrived first, we will ship out that book first without waiting for the other 2 to arrive.
Q. What happens if I want to ship to multiple destinations for 1 order of 2 or more items?
A. Shipping fee is imposed on the basis of one order per destination. Members are advised to split their orders and make multiple purchases with different delivery addresses.
Q. What happens if I wish to self-collect my items at the Comics Directory offices?
A. We apologise that self-collection is an exception at this point. Comics Directory has worked on a policy of delivering orders to the customer's doorstep. Self-collecting orders at this time does not waive shipping fees, unless stated otherwise, as shipping charges are still incurred for inbound shipment from our suppliers.
Q. Are there exceptions to the shipping delivery times?
A. There may be unforeseen delays likely to happens during the shipping process. With quite a number of holidays in Malaysia and also Acts of God may also cause additional delays. This delivery may not apply in such cases, of which Comics Directory will provide explanations if such a case occurs. Please be advised that there will be no refunds allowed in this manner.



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Comics Directory is found by a group of die-hard comic fans. Like many of you, we enjoy reading comics. While most local comics or bookstore does not always carry a good number of selections; going online always result in hefty shipping fee or ridiculous long wait time. That is why we decided to create Comics Directory. We want fellow comics fans to have more option when shopping.

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