Frequently-Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Do you have a store around my area?

A: We're sorry but currently we don't have any actual store that you could pay a visit to.

Q: Can COD near my area or not?

A: Well, it depends on your area, for the time being, we have limits on our coverage area for Cash and Delivery to Seri Kembangan (since our office is around here somewhere), Cyberjaya (still near to Seri Kembangan), Putrajaya (same reason as Cyberjaya) and Bandar Baru Bangi (our part-time delivery guy works here). While we do sometimes do COD since we're around your area at that time. But, please bear in mind that places other than Seri Kembangan will be charged flat-rate RM10 as fuel charge.

Q: Do you have a store I can visit?

A: We're sorry but currently we don't have an actual store since we only be operating via online store. Besides, we don't actually keep a lot of stocks around our office.

Q: Do I entitled for a discount if I bought a lot?

A: Currently, we don't provide any discounts to customer, while gift voucher and discount coupon will only be given out during special occasions (i.e. events, booth, etc)

Q: Shipping fees is too high, is there anything cheaper?

A: Our shipping fees were based on the actual price of the selected courier company and the price stated there were an actual price without any discount. BUT, by default, every customer were entitled the Reward Points which can be used on your next purchase.

Q: Can I use both Reward Points and Store Credits within the same order?

A: Yes, you can. Feel free to use up all the credits and points or a portion of it, it's all up to you on how you want to utilize it.

Q: Can I convert my Reward Points into Store Credits?

A: In the meantime, you could request from us to do so, but we're working on it so that you could redeem Store Credits via Reward Points.

Q: I've made a payment of RMXX via CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), how about the balance?

A: By default, we will send you the balance by crediting it into your Comics Directory account as Store Credits in which you can use on your next purchase along with the Reward Points at the same time. Sometimes, we might mislook your balance, if we do, we deeply apologize beforehand and please let us know by notify us about it when you realized there is not Store Credits been credited into your account even after the order status has been changed to Payment Received. We're not trying to scam or embezzled your money, it's just an honest mistake from our side.

Q: I've made my payments X days ago, why is it that my status still shows as Pending Payment?

A: Payment option such PayPal and iPay88 will automatically update you order status from Pending Payment to Payment Received while other payment method need to be revised closely, and we have to make sure that the payment has already been transferred into our company's account. There are a few other procedure to be followed before we could update the payment status. Also, we have a cut-off time for checking and updating orders on Wednesday and Thursday is our delivery day.

Q: It's already Thursday, why didn't I get any feedback or tracking number for my order(s)?

A: The sad truth is that our delivery guy that we hired were doing this as a part-timer, therefore, we usually have to wait for him to send out the orders at the PosLaju and TA-Q-BIN office during his working hour. And most of the time, he will be back with the copy of consignment note that has the tracking number which has been successfully sent to the courier company. Then only we could update the order status from Processing to Shipped. Since this always happen after 6PM, we could only ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Q: I would like to apply as a translator, are you hiring?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are not hiring at the moment nor we are doing any translation job full-time either. Currently, we're doing the translation job in collaboration with Comics House Sdn. Bhd just for fun.

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