Order Status Definitions

Pending - All orders are hand-checked by our Billing Team to ensure payments are valid. Your order will only stay in this status a short time.

Failed - Your debit or credit card has come back as DECLINED and you have not been charged.

Payment Pending - You have placed the order but haven't paid yet, or we haven't received the funds yet. Either way we are waiting on some money so we can process the order.But what happens if you made a 'test' order and don't actually want to follow through with the purchase?If you didn't pay for an order, and don't want to continue with it, you don't need to take any action. It will remain on your account for your reference.

Payment Received - We got your payment and your order will begin processing soon.

On Hold - There is a problem with your order and we are waiting for a response from you. Please contact us to correct the situation. 

Order Processing - Once your order is in the processing stage everything is really underway. During the processing stage we will check the items one last time and generally make sure that things are correct and complete. On some rare occasion, this status will also indicate following matters such as awaiting stocks from supplier, courier company failed to make a pick-up for some reason as well as damaged goods which will always need few days to get it replaced by the supplier.

Dispatched - Everything is OK with your billing address and your shipping address, the payment is fine and we have taken out the item from our supplier and checked it one last time before delivery. Now we are just putting the packaging together and arranging a courier to come and pick it up so we can send it to you.

Shipped - Your order has been picked up by the courier or freight company and is speeding its way to you! Check the tracking detail in your account to follow your order from here.

Back Order -The allotted shipping time has passed and one or more of the items in your order are currently not available. Back Order items will be shipped as soon as we are able to.(Please note: If your item is in back order you have 3 options to choose from, you may either wait for the item(s) to come in, you may request a substitution of equal value, or you may request a refund for that item.)

Pending Refund - Your order was cancelled, probably at your request, and it's awaiting a refund within 5 working days.

Refunded - Your order was refunded for any reason.

Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled. If you have been charged anything your money has been, or will be refunded.

Expired - Your order is inactive; it was not paid for, or your payment was transferred to another order. Once you have successfully canceled your order this status will appear in your account after 7 days.



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Comics Directory is found by a group of die-hard comic fans. Like many of you, we enjoy reading comics. While most local comics or bookstore does not always carry a good number of selections; going online always result in hefty shipping fee or ridiculous long wait time. That is why we decided to create Comics Directory. We want fellow comics fans to have more option when shopping.

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