Reward Points

Comics Directory is continuously looking for ways to make our loyal customers as happy as possible. The Reward Points system that we have developed does exactly what it says, rewards customers with points! And these aren’t just any points!

After every purchase made on Comics Directory, our customers receive Reward Points automatically. The amount of points received is based on the amount of the purchase. 3% of the final order total on all purchases will come back to our customers as Reward Points, such as a RM10.00 purchase earns the customer 30 points! These points accumulate, they never expire, and each point has a monetary value of RM0.01! Our customers can transfer points between accounts, giving their friends a gift or helping hand! They can be used at anytime once acquired. As soon as you create an account on Comics Directory, you are enrolled in our Reward Points system, no extra steps are required.

Reward Points are our gift to our fantastic customers. We hope to continue to develop our Reward Points system even further to make the smiles of our customers even wider!

If you have any questions about the Reward Points system, or even concerns, contact us at

Here's how the Comics Directory's Points work:

You get points for every Comics Directory product you purchase.

Also, Comics Directory will often have special promotions, for example giving 2x points on certain products so you can accumulate points faster.

  • All points can be used with your next order if you like.
  • There are no limitations on when you can use the points in your account.
  • Please note that points are assigned to Registered Comics Directory's Customers only and cannot be used with the "Guest Checkout" option.
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Void where prohibited.

Thanks again for being a great Comics Directory customer. We look forward to serving you again many times in the future!

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Comics Directory is found by a group of die-hard comic fans. Like many of you, we enjoy reading comics. While most local comics or bookstore does not always carry a good number of selections; going online always result in hefty shipping fee or ridiculous long wait time. That is why we decided to create Comics Directory. We want fellow comics fans to have more option when shopping.

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